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links to transmedia experience

Facebook:   Elva Plixpelt, Efren Bolt

Twitter:  plix_00, efren_bolt

you tube:




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Relevant transmedia research

AR Apps

AR apps are short fo augmented reality app.

It can be a direct or indirect view of the physical world with augmented elements to it video or sound.

I thought having an AR App in the transmedia project would be a good way to get people to have fun and be more interested in getting involved in things.

I got the idea to use one when i went to a talk by James Alliban.  This is his website and it gave me inspiration on how i could incorporate it into my story.

I then decided to do some further research on the topic to get more ideas.   I want it to be a kind of game where you have to look for clues and then use the app to reveal information.

Sekai Camera

Sekai Camera is a social AR application that offers users to interact in social communication through digital contents attached to the real world.

Fast Food Reality

Food Reality eases your work for finding nearby Fast Food Restaurants like Mc Donald’s, Burger King, in an Augmented Reality view, ofcourse, using your camera.

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Posters of missing girl go up in streets and on Efrens facebook page.

Posters are put up in cities and towns by Efren Bolt declaring his daughter missing.

These posters have given me inspiration on the style, i want them to look real but also to have the digital youth colours and styles.It is exactly the kind of style i am looking for.

Efren Bolt posts video

Efren bolt then posts a animated video on youtube linking it to facebook.

he is pleading for people to help hiim find his daughter.

First mission

Elva Plix then tells people to tear down the missing girl posters and Efren is an evil man.  This is meant to get people more intrigued to the story.

Phone app is release so players can keep up to date with the goings on.

I thought it would be a good idea to release an app where participants will be updated on events and can communicate with one another about their thoughts etc.

This is the icon and the interface for the app.

Wristbands are sent out to the people who are helping Chip so they can be identifiable to one another.

I thought this would be a good idea because it would make the participants feel like they are a part of something and also to make things more intense by implying that there are spies amidst them and to only communicate with people with the wristbands.  It has the logo on it but no one knows what digital youth is yet.

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Progress Page

I am having second thought of having the character called Plix as she doesn’t seem to be very important.

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transmedia experiences

Why So serious?

In the months leading up to Batman: The Dark Night release an alternate reality game attracted over 10 million players to a real time Gotham City.  In the city the joker left his mark on posters and money notes and creating an army of henchmen all over the world.  At a comic book convention called comicon they players gathered to take their first orders from the Joker.  Working with other players online they searched to find clues, then suddenly jets appeared in the sky and a phone number appeared.  Then the number was called a message was played saying: “If you want to be part of my crew you’re going to have to prove you’re up to the challenge”.

Players flocked to the streets dressed as their leader the Joker, this build excitement and anticipation for the release of the Dark Night.  They also had to flock to landmarks dressed as the joker, there are photos of people doing this all over the world, in England, India etc.  People even picked up cakes at local backers that had a phone inside them, this meant that they could keep in contact with Gotham City.

In the week of the Dark Night premier hundreds of people flocked to the streets in New York city, they were sent there by clues they had found not knowing what to expect, then suddenly they saw the bat signal on the side of a building, the signal  was defaced in front of everyone’s eyes.  This transmedia experience was done in over 75 countries and had a huge impact on the release of the movie.

This really inspired me in the events i could have in my story, i think audience participation is the key element in keeping people interested and taking things to the next level.  I also thought it was amazing how large the scale was of people playing and the lengths they went to.

Head Trauma

A woman named Esther Robinson was going to see Head Trauma, as she approached the cinema she noticed that all the payphones were ringing, then outside the cinema was a preacher handing out apocalyptic comic books to passers by, he pressed one into her hand as she passed.

The opening credits prompted the audience to send a text to a given number and as the film rolled they all started to receive strange text messages.

The film was about a drifter who inherits his mother’s house and starts to lose his mind. The next day, back in Brooklyn, Robinson found the comic in her handbag. On the back was written: “Do you want to play a game?”, along with an address,

She typed it in to her computer. What she found was an online game that continued the story. “In the middle of it, the phone rang,” she says. She recognised the voice. It was the film’s “hooded villain”. He started asking questions: “Do you feel guilty? Have you ever lost consciousness?” Last, he asked Robinson to tell him her darkest secret. Her answer started playing back on a loop through her computer speakers. Robinson clicked on the exit box. She kept clicking, but nothing happened. Her phone buzzed with a text: “Where are you going? We’re not finished yet…” At that point, Robinson was dumped into a conference call with other cinema goers who had just gone through the same experience.

Unwittingly she had just participated in an emerging form of mainstream entertainment.  The director of Head Trauma Lance Weiler had programmed software to make all the payphones on the block ring and the preacher was an actor in the movie.  Based on the participants’ responses to the automated phone calls, audio and video launched on the desktop screen. The exit box was a fake. Clicking on it sent that last text. For Weiler, a 41-year-old New Yorker, the experience “demonstrated the fluidity of an audience.

To me the above story seems a little crazy and out of this world, well that is what i thought the first time i found out about it but in doing my research i have found out that there are many more out there like this.












Heroes had its own transmedia department at NBC, to manage new opportunities and to try to keep the writers’ stamp on every new project. At the same time, working this way is as crucial to the business as to the art.

In the off season and the on season fans of Heroes could go on the website and view exclusive online content where the show leaves off.

In keeping with season two original Heroes graphic novels explore the various legacies on the online characters.  The weekly graphic novels were presented as animated multimedia experiences, as well as being able to view them online you could also view them on your mobile phone as well.

Fans of the show could also follow the real actors as they went on tour via video updates articles and photos on the website.

NBC then launched Heroes Evolutions which was a digital portal for its fans, the registered to it online and were able to receive emails, phone calls and text updates from on air characters.

Yamagato fellowship in an effort to preserve histories greatest heroes they launched a five part documentary where fans could experience Takezo Kensei myths.  They could watch 3D animations with commentary, this was all for the introduction to the character in season 4.

Shortly before the season premier, online fans were introduced to the return of a character called Hana Gitelman.  Hana hacked into the final instalment of Sword Saint the Takezo Kensei myths and challenged fans to investigate mysterious deaths in South America; this was in preparation for another storyline in the following season between another two characters.

Hana also invited fans in an online investigation to discover her past generations where she would provide clues in a kind of treasure hunt to find her mysterious uncle.

There was a two screen experience which invited users to interact with the show while it was on and also test their own knowledge with various polls and trivia.

Fans were also able to participate and contribute to the programme, for instance they were invited to post about their dreams online and some of them were made into graphic novels, they were also invited to make their own video mashups, create a hero of their own that could appear in online webisodes.

There was a lot of work into making Heroes the experience that it was, but how do you know that it is going to work every time, an that fans are going to acknowledged all the features that are available?

I don’t think that you can always be certain things are going to be a success; however the most important thing to remember is that without a compelling narrative then it could be a waste of time.

Tim Kring who is the creator of Heroes explains that it worked so well for the show because they have the theme of mythology and so it is easy to open up a larger world for the shows fans.

It is important for fans to be up to date with things that are happening and so it compels them to dig deeper and find out more information about the storyline and its characters.

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Characteristics of characters

Efren Bolt

It is important that there is a strong personality in this character.  Because he is the villain he has to have a strong character, to be powerful, this is why made him the head of his own company called Bolt Industries.  I thought the industry should have something to do with bio mechanical and engineering research as it would make sense considering he created Chip.

I have decided to get his personality to come across through facebook as there is a wide range of personal information in it.

For inspirational characters i decided to look up controversial scientists such as Nazis for example, it might be good to add something unexpected into that such as a really cheesy musician or someone that you wouldn’t expect him to be interested in, maybe this could promote a kind of maddness of quirkiness and give a bit of an insight into the characters personal life.

For the music he listens to i thought it would be good to put different classical composers in because you could imagine him working while listening to music like that, it would not be in his characteristics to listen to say Jedward.

Elva Plixpelt

It is Elva who will be playing doing most of the interaction.

She is a graffiti artist, she is quirky, hates being told what to do and therefor hates authority.

She is rebellious but has a good heart and is not a bad person.

I created her profile on facebook, i gave her interests like anarchy and and punk, also various kinds of art.

She is he perfect kind of character to help Chip as alot of teens will like her and might be able to identify with some of her traits.


Chip is an android who was created by Efren Bolt.  He used her for secret missions in plans to take over the world, then unexpectedly she started to evolve.  She knew what she was doing was wrong, but being an android she found it difficult to deal with these emotions.  She expressed them in paintings and various forms of art.

Chip then decided to escape, in doing so she met Plix and explained her situation.

Her and Chip together design and set up digital youth because they think self expression and using talents to create beauty rather than evil are important and want to encourage people to do so.

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Visual research


These are some images that is inspiring the look of Chip,


Efren Bolt












































Style of software

Because in the events there are releases of apps etc i have had to look up what typical app icons look like to get an idea of the colours and how they are displayed.












I also looked at some interfaces for AR apps and chat apps as these will be the theme of the two that will be brought out.


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