Relevant transmedia research

AR Apps

AR apps are short fo augmented reality app.

It can be a direct or indirect view of the physical world with augmented elements to it video or sound.

I thought having an AR App in the transmedia project would be a good way to get people to have fun and be more interested in getting involved in things.

I got the idea to use one when i went to a talk by James Alliban.  This is his website and it gave me inspiration on how i could incorporate it into my story.

I then decided to do some further research on the topic to get more ideas.   I want it to be a kind of game where you have to look for clues and then use the app to reveal information.

Sekai Camera

Sekai Camera is a social AR application that offers users to interact in social communication through digital contents attached to the real world.

Fast Food Reality

Food Reality eases your work for finding nearby Fast Food Restaurants like Mc Donald’s, Burger King, in an Augmented Reality view, ofcourse, using your camera.


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