Characteristics of characters

Efren Bolt

It is important that there is a strong personality in this character.  Because he is the villain he has to have a strong character, to be powerful, this is why made him the head of his own company called Bolt Industries.  I thought the industry should have something to do with bio mechanical and engineering research as it would make sense considering he created Chip.

I have decided to get his personality to come across through facebook as there is a wide range of personal information in it.

For inspirational characters i decided to look up controversial scientists such as Nazis for example, it might be good to add something unexpected into that such as a really cheesy musician or someone that you wouldn’t expect him to be interested in, maybe this could promote a kind of maddness of quirkiness and give a bit of an insight into the characters personal life.

For the music he listens to i thought it would be good to put different classical composers in because you could imagine him working while listening to music like that, it would not be in his characteristics to listen to say Jedward.

Elva Plixpelt

It is Elva who will be playing doing most of the interaction.

She is a graffiti artist, she is quirky, hates being told what to do and therefor hates authority.

She is rebellious but has a good heart and is not a bad person.

I created her profile on facebook, i gave her interests like anarchy and and punk, also various kinds of art.

She is he perfect kind of character to help Chip as alot of teens will like her and might be able to identify with some of her traits.


Chip is an android who was created by Efren Bolt.  He used her for secret missions in plans to take over the world, then unexpectedly she started to evolve.  She knew what she was doing was wrong, but being an android she found it difficult to deal with these emotions.  She expressed them in paintings and various forms of art.

Chip then decided to escape, in doing so she met Plix and explained her situation.

Her and Chip together design and set up digital youth because they think self expression and using talents to create beauty rather than evil are important and want to encourage people to do so.


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