My story


An android called Chip escapes his creator who is an evil scientist to spread creativity and inspiration amongst teenagers and help them to express themselves in the digital world through various forms of art.


An evil scientist creates an android to assist him in her evil doings.  However, the android begins to evolve and become more human when she develops emotions.  She then finds herself painting as she feels it is the only way to express these emotions.  Knowing that she can no longer assist the evil scientist she escapes ending up living on the streets where a graffiti artist finds her.  The android then goes underground with the  artist who is always running from something, together they set up a website for teenagers to express themselves through various forms of digital art.  All the time running from this evil scientist who wants to take the android back to turn her back into his slave and take away her human emotions.  With the help from the creative teenagers her identity is changed and as time goes on it becomes harder and harder for the scientist to track her down.  In the end because of how many followers she has and because the software that her and the artist have published in order to stay in contact with the helpers she becomes stronger than ever and is able to infiltrate the scientists headquarters.


Facebook, youtube, twitter, phone app, AR App.


  1. Posters of missing girl go up in streets and on Efrens facebook page.
  2. Posts on Chips twitter and facebook page asking people to tear them down.
  3. Competition to make Chip an new identity.
  4. Wristbands are sent out to the people who are helping Chip so they can be identifiable to one another.
  5. Phone app is release so players can keep up to date with the goings on.
  6. Video is released on youtube and facebook from Efren bold asking people to help find his daughter.
  7. Space invaders game is released, at the end a clue is revealed.
  8. AR phone app is released.
  9. Posts go out from Chip telling people to be outside Bolt Headquarters at a particular time and date.



Scientist-Efren Bolt

Graffiti Artist- Plix


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